As an organization

Revolution Visual Arts is a freelance company dedicated to create and fulfill any commercial marketing needs. From Business Cards to full commercial Web Pages and E-Commerce. Anything you need we have the experience. Based in Marble Falls, TX since 2009, Revolution Visual Arts has 29 years of experience in the graphic design industry.


We offer a wide range of design services, some are:

  • Standard Business Stationary: Business Cards, Letterheads and Signs Design. (Design Only)
  • Commercial Graphic Design: Billboards, Vehicle Wraps and Full Wall Posters. (Design Only)
  • Web Design: Commercial or Organizational web presence design, based in HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. (By Hour or Contract)
  • Web Development: Full Interactive web presence backed up with technologies such as PHP 5+, MySQL, HTML5, JavaScript, Sass and CSS. (By Hour or Contract)
  • WordPress™ Development: Full Blog system, optimized for SEO and Social Media interconnection. (By Hour)
  • Marketing Team Training: In technologies like Adobe® Creative Cloud, Affinity Designer/Photo/Publisher, Microsoft Office and Open Source Technologies such as Open Office, MySQL, Blender, Inkscape, WordPress™ among others. (By Hour)

About Rafael Vilá

Rafael was born in May 17th, 1971. And grew up in a humble house in Levittown, PR. One of four siblings of Santiago Vilá Rijos (1935-2011) and Lydia Arroyo Alvarez. Revolution Visual Arts was founded in the year 2000, Rafael trying to came up with a name using his name initials, Rafael Vilá Arroyo, he called his entrepreneur project Revolution Visual Arts. Previous to Revolution Visual Arts, Rafael Vilá, offered a similar list of products in a less structured environment, with less sophisticated technology… a pen, a pencil, carbon, and whole lot of imagination.

In his adolescence era, Rafael dedicated his time to create graphics for homework projects for his fellow students at the Maestro Ladí High School, in Vega Alta, Puerto Rico. These projects founded the bright career in a later date. After graduating from High School, he studied Communication with a mayor in Graphic Design in the Universidad del Sagrado Corazón, Puerto Rico. At that time, his dad lost his job and later on diagnosed with Parkinson. Devastated by this situation, Rafael decided to quit college, working to help the family financially, and his life was abruptly detoured from the Graphic Design arena.

In 1992 he started a Vinyl Cutting company called MagicSign, with one of his childhood best friend, Raúl Camacho. Even though he was paid for this kind of job, he never thought about making Graphic Design his career of choice, until the year 1998, where he decided to get an Associate Degree in Commercial Graphic Design from John Dewey College, in San Juan Puerto Rico.

When graduated, in the year 2000, he worked with a firm called The Far Group, where he were able to expand his territory in the Commercial world, making important projects for companies like Pfyzer, Glaxo-SmithKline and many other big players in the pharmaceutical industry. In the side, he started his own Freelance Agency, Revolution Visual Arts, making illustrations for a big scholar textbook publisher, Ediciones Santillanas, based in Cataño, Puerto Rico, originated in Spain. Revolution Visual Arts desisted when Rafael started a Graphic Design firm with his girlfriend, also a graphic designer, Ramary Design, where they have the opportunity to work in a project for the Christian group pop band PlusOne.

He expanded his talent in “La Escuela de Artes Plástica” of San Juan, Puerto Rico, taking classes in liberal arts and illustration. Afterwards, in the year 2002, he married and moved to Miami Florida, with the intention to complete a Bachelor degree in the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but life got though again, making it financially impossible to complete this goal. It is when he decided to move to Orlando, Florida, where a very important door were open, allowing to continue his own firm along with his wife, formerly girlfriend.

Ramary Design became the main source of graphic services for Horizon Printing Services, where they made many projects for important industries including the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Orlando, the Hispanic Women Chamber of Commerce of Orlando Florida, Hispanic Achievers Association among many others.

Rafael Vilá received an specialized training for Color Theory hosted by Allied Graphics, from Allied Printing, LLC, a printer based in Jacksonville, Florida. This training helped him develop his skills for a more professional approach to Magazine design, opening for Ramary Design the opportunity to work for almost a year for the Mundo Latino Magazine and as a graphic design advisor for Mr. Jerry Pomales, who transformed his newspaper publication into a huge successful magazine based in Chicago “Nuestra Imagen Hispana”. After two years of service, Rafael and his former wife divorced, splitting and ending Ramary Design. Revolution Visual Arts returned… with an office based in the cabin of an 18 wheeler. In 2005, Rafael settled down back in Orlando.

In the year 2007, Rafael re-married with his current wife, Estella Vilá. In 2008, Revolution Visual Arts went online with it’s own domain name and a MySpace profile, this open a big door for a brilliant freelance relationship with a Texas based company, and in the year 2009 moved to the City of Burnet, TX. After a year of freelance services, Stealth Products, Inc. invited Rafael to work permanently in location. Since then, Rafael has been working as the main Graphic Designer and Web Developer, under the umbrella of Mr. Gabriel Romero, former Marketing Director, until the year 2015, where Gabriel were promoted as Vice-President of Marketing, introducing Mr. Barry Steelman as the new Director of Marketing, because of his 25 years of experience in the Complex Rehab industry, coming from an international renounced company, Permobil, Inc.

Today Revolution Visual Arts continues to offer it’s excellent services, with special offerings to Small Businesses and Christian Ministries. Having the opportunity to work with celebrities and organizations like MadMusick, Charlie Hernández, Elsa Tapia, Horseshoe Bay Rentals, Christ Redeemer Fellowship and many others. Offering excellence in Web Design and Development, Commercial Graphic Design, 3D Modeling, Font Design, Spanish Translation, Social Media Marketing, SEO Optimization, WordPress Development among many other specialties.

For more information, visit our contact page and send us a message with all necessary contact information.